We are not only experts in private equity. We know what is important for the seller.

Trust, reliability, competence and a strong capital base - this characterizes COMITANS.

COMITANS is not only an expert in private equity and restructuring. As a result of our experience in top management positions in companies of different size we know what is important for the seller when engaging in a divestment process.

This makes COMITANS the ideal partner for corporate groups: competent, reliable, trustful and financially strong. COMITANS assures you full management attention and support in every phase of the transaction.

COMITANS as investor in special situations

COMITANS is an entrepreneurial investor with hands-on attitude that acts on partnership basis. In addition to providing capital we offer our expertise and management support. Our first priority is to strengthen profitability by measures to reduce cost and by realigning the business towards profitable growth. We pursue the primary goal of making the acquired business sustainably successful.

Unlike many other private equity investors we invest with long-term perspective and pursue - at the same time - a "Buy and Build" strategy.

COMITANS has a strong capital base. If need be, we invest alongside reputable institutional investors and family offices.

What kind of support will COMITANS provide to acquired businesses?

Our team of operational specialists of various disciplines will develop and resolutely implement a comprehensive improvement program - on site and in close cooperation with the subsidiary's management. We typically support our subsidiaries with activities, as follows:

  • Carve business out of existing group structures and establish independent functions
  • Realignment or adaptation of business model
  • Develop and implement cost reduction and efficiency improvement program
  • Financing topics, in particular to secure short and medium term liquidity
  • Measures to optimize sales and purchasing function
  • Realignment of set-up regarding management, controlling and IT