Investment Strategy

COMITANS acquires low-yield businesses that are non-core to the seller.

COMITANS focuses on businesses that are non-core to the seller.

COMITANS has a clear investment focus. We do not deal with profitably growing industry leaders. Instead, our focus is on low performing businesses in special or turn-around situations that have a healthy core and a substantial and evident potential for operational improvement. We are particularly interested in business activities of corporate groups that are not part of their core business anymore. These types of businesses we want to reposition by entrepreneurial engagement and lead to a path of lasting success.

Typical investment scenarios

Growth and/or profitability of the business is below sector average. Reasons for this can be: unfavourable market developments, inadequately low investments in the past or other internal causes.

COMITANS engages operationally and with hands-on attitude deploying a dedicated team of industry specialists and functional experts - as well as the capital needed - in order to enhance company performance substantially and sustainably.

Group portfolios oftentimes include activities that do not form part of their core business anymore and are, in consequence, up for sale. Normally, these business activities are still integrated in group structures; sometimes these activities are not yet organised in a separate legal entity. Thus, a divestment requires a carve-out of the business from group structures.

COMITANS has particular expertise in this area ranging from carve-outs of single legal entities from a business group to complex carve-outs of large, fully integrated international businesses by way of a combined share- and asset deal. COMITANS offers professional support as well as cooperative partnership in the carve-out process in order to transfer the carved out businesses to COMITANS.

Companies search for a partner in the context of an upcoming site closure or restructuring, due to difficulties with lenders or unresolved succession issues.

COMITANS is familiar with this kind of entrepreneurial challenges. We contribute operational and hands-on support with our team of specialists as well as the capital needed to resolve this situation - reliably and in cooperative partnership.

Investment criteria

Industry sectors

COMITANS generally invests across industry sectors with a special focus on:

  • Automotive supply industry
  • Mechanical and plant engineering
  • Chemical, paper, board, and cellulose industries
  • Industrial services
  • Pharma and Health
  • Consumer goods industry

We do not deal with:

  • Venture capital
  • Minority shareholdings